Dienstag, 8. September 2009

Lines, Vines And Trying Times...

Hey it's time for some music=)

Ok I bought the new Jonas Brothers album a few weeks ago and I gotta say: I love it !

I already loved "It's about time" and their self-titled album "Jonas Brothers" but I didn't really like "A little bit longer". I think "A little bit longer" was a bit wannabe-mature and some songs were really superficial (no offense). For example the first line of "Burnin' up" says:

"I'm hot, you're cold..." and then second verse: "red dress, high heels..." well I don't know=)

But this new album "Lines, Vines and Trying Times" IS more mature=) I really love it.

My favorite songs are: "Fly With Me", "Black Keys", "Keep It Real", "Before The Storm", "Much Better", "Turn Right"
The others are really good either but just not my faves=D

It's cool that they are friends with Miley Cyrus again and her duet with Nick Jonas is really good=) (No hate-comments against Miley please)

If you didn't already buy it. Do it NOW ! It is definitely worth it=)

♥En Amour


P.S. Vici I LOVE your sets=)

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