Montag, 21. September 2009

"I Miss You" Songs...

Hey Ho !

I'm a little bit bored so I thought "hey why not posting something"=D

I decided to tell you about my latest obsession which are: I MISS YOU SONGS !!!

yeah right "I Miss You" Songs...

My faves are:

"I'm already there" - Lonestar


"Tell her" - Jesse McCartney

I actually don't know that many "I Miss You" Songs so tell me which your favorite "I Miss You" Songs are pleeeaaasee!!!=D

BTW I'm also kind of obsessed with the letter "y" so I always say "Wakey Wakey" and "Nighty Nighty" and "Thanky Thanky" and all that's weird I know but whatever=D

And now I'm talking stupid because I'm bored and I don't wanna go to math tutoring=D

♥En Amour


P.S. that wasn't really that funny was it?=D

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