Freitag, 11. September 2009


As we all know today is 9/11 . 8 years after that horrible happening in New York. We want to dedicate this post to the sacrifices and their families.

We also know someone who died in one of the planes. He was the co-worker of a friend of vici's family. He was in the second plane and actually wanted to go to the world trade center because of his job. He got there but unfortunately not the way he wanted to. We are so sorry for him and his family and are feeling with them. Vici and her little sister even cried because they thought their father had to go to war.

A friend of Nuri's family has been in NY when it happened too. Nobody was able to call him because all the telephone networks were totally overloaded. So noone knew what happened with him. Fortunately everything was fine with him=)

I (Nuri) also wanna dedicate this to the people in flight 93 and their families. I just watched the movie and those people were so brave that they tried to overwhelm the terrorists.

We wanna say that we're so damn sorry and feel so sad for all the sacrifices and their families and everyone who lost someone or something. It was such a horrible thing nobody will ever forget. We have to hope that this won't happen again and that they finally find a good way to solve their problems without terror !

♥En Amour

Vic and Nuri

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