Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Here We Go Again !

O M G !


I just got the new album "Here We Go Again" by the fantastic Demi Lovato !

I gotta say I LOVE all of the songs. But my very faves are:

Catch Me
Everytime You Lie
Stop The World
World Of Chances
Remember December
Here We Go Again
Gift Of A Friend

Yeah I know these are almost all of the songs on the album but it's just an amazing album !

Demi worked together with the amazing musician John Mayer ("World Of Chances") and Jonas Brothers singer/songwriter Nick Jonas ("Stop The World") and some other amazing songwriter.

She wrote "Catch Me" on her own and was co-writer for all the other songs except for "Got Dynamite".
Demi has an amazing voice. She doesn't sound like every little poopie pop (wannabe) singer. No she has a really mature voice and no one who doesn't know her voice would expect a 16-year old !

Demi Lovato is an amazing singer/songwriter/actress and I can't wait to see her in "Camp Rock 2". But until then I have her new album. And you should get it too as soon as possible!!

♥En Amour


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