Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009

The VMA's 2009 ... #2

Hey ho=)

I just wanted to post a reply to vici's post because it was a really great idea to talk about this thing.

It was really rude from Kanye. I used to like him but at the moment I can't stand him. Who does he think he is ? -.-

Poor Taylor. She REALLY deserves this award !!=)

And in the first place I thought "Hello? Beyonce? Do you feel good now or special or something?" Because she was all fakey when she was like "Oh my god Kanye noooo hahah" gosh I was almost freaking out. But when she brought Taylor back on the stage so that she was able to say what she wanted to say before I was really flashed. I didn't expect that from Beyonce but I'm really happy she did that=)

BUT something else about the Video Music Awards 2009: they were too short ! Yes. They were too short. I don't know. Just about 4 performances and 6 awards ?! TOO SHORT ! =D=D liked them anyways=D

♥En Amour


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