Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

Miley Cyrus Deleted Her Twitter !


Yes it IS true she deleted her twitter account. So we all won't be able to stalk her on twitter and to wish we could hang out with Demi Lovato or gettin our hair done before a concert or being with a hot guy at the set of a new movie like she does. sad...sad...sad=D

haha no I'm just kiddin I'm NOT such a freak=D=D But Miley still has deleted her twitter. But for good reasons

(btw I gotta admit I posted the TT #comebackmiley a few times too=D)

I heard a lot of things about her reasons.

1st: Liam Hemsworth (her rumor-boyfriend) told her to who knows why=D (NOT true)
2nd: Someone hacked her account and actually wrote her last tweet saying: "Liam doesn't have twitter for a good reason" (or something like that^^)
3rd: her own reason which she tells us in her new YouTube video:

And I do understand that she quit. It's her private life and as the words say it should stay PRIVATE =)

Stay tuned ;)

♥En Amour


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