Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

The Last Song...♥

Ok we haven't post lately and since I read the most amazing book in the entire world I thought I should share this with you !!!=)

The book I'm talking about is called "The Last Song" and the author is the AMAZING Nicholas Sparks who also wrote "The Notebook" and "A Walk To Remember".

The book is about the first love, true love and love between parents and children. It's amazingly cute and amazingly sad. In the beginning it seems like a normal book everyone could write but with the time you figure out how complicated life can be and even though it doesn't sound like this could really happen it's the realest story I've ever read. Nicholas Sparks wrote a romantic, magical (even though it has NOTHING to do with magic) novel. Well no there is a kind of magic in it: the magic of music !! Especially in the end it's really sad and when you read the last few chapters after you've read the beginning you start to figure out what is important in life and that you should NEVER waste your time being mad. Every minute you waste is a lost minutes you'll never get back.

To clear a few things up here is the short summary of the book that is written on the inside of flap:

17-year-old Veronica "Ronnie" Miller's was turned upside down when her parents divorced and her father moved from New York City to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. 3 years later, she remains angry and aliented from her parents, particularly her father ... until her mother decides it would be in everyone's best interest if she and her younger brother Jonah spent the summer with him in North Carolina. Ronnie's father, a former concert pianist, is living a quiet life in the beach town, immersed in creating a work of art that will be the centerpiece of a local church. Resentful and rebellious, Ronnie rejects all of his attempts to reach out to her and threatens to return to New York before the summer's end. But soon Ronnie meets Will, the town's local heartthrob, and the last person she thought she'd ever be attracted to. As Ronnie slowly lets her guard down, she find herself falling deeply in love, opening herself up to the greatest happiness - and pain- that she has ever known. An unforgettable story of love in all its myriad forms - first love, love between parents and children - THE LAST SONG demonstrates as only a Nicholas Sparks novel can, the many ways that love can break our hearts ... and heal them.

The last sentence fits the novel perfectly in my opinion. This book is amazing, unusual, romantic, sad, breathtaking, heartbreaking. It shows you what's important in life and it opens your eyes about true love, faith, belief in god and the little things that make someone's life worth living, like simply playing the piano. =)

I can't wait to see the movie and I can say I believe that Miley Cyrus fits perfectly to the role as Ronnie and I believe she did a great job. Even though I must say that I imagined Will differently, especially because in the book it said he had brown hair and brown eyes, I think this is gonna be an amazing movie. And I can't wait to watch it and start to cry. I guess since I know the whole story I'll cry from the beginning til the end=D=D

this is a set I made at polyvore for this movie/book !!=) I hope you like it?!=D=D

♥En Amour


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